Everyone has the Right to Freedom of thought

The modern world has presented each of us with the right to express ourselves for the things we hold sacred. We are virtually free to say the things we like and have the experiences we seek. 

I talk about the Norms that are not considered as Norms

While many have their thought processes moulded by pre-established societal norms and schools of thought, I like to tap into those areas where most do not prefer to tread. There are, indeed, regulations that are established to protect our well-being and interests, but oftentimes, people’s lives have been shaped in such a way that they choose not to go beyond their limits. And by limits, I mean to suggest, the mental barrier that prevents them from seeing what lies on the other side and broaching those topics that people are not too vocal about.

Here is where I come in. Through Big Bear Information, I have taken it upon myself to educate my readers about different subjects that involve detailed discussions on sex education, mental health, addictions, and relationships.


Sex Education

Sex education is a broad topic that encompasses information and factors that affect human sexuality, reproductive health, relationships, and sexual behaviour.

Mental Health

Mental health is what can be expressed about our minds in terms of emotions, psychology, and social well-being, and can affect our cognitive abilities, perception, and behaviour. 


Addictions are complex conditions characterized by a compulsive need for engagement with rewarding stimuli despite adverse consequences. 


Relationships are the bonds that are developed between two or more people in a way that they feel connected or experience a state of feeling connected mentally or physically.

Breaking taboos is the first step toward redefining norms and expanding horizons.